020: Watchful Eyes

020: Watchful Eyes

In Shadow’s town, you can’t throw a rock without even odds of hitting a cemetery gate.

Title Reference: Nothing in particular

Story Notes: Once Shadow has retrieved her purse, she can clean off her face a little.  Soggy Shadow is probably showing a bit more bravado than wisdom here, but climbing the wall isn’t too big of a stretch; she isn’t a complete stranger to entering cemeteries at night, and she’s feeling extremely put upon at the moment.  (She also carries a can of pepperspray in her purse.)

Art Notes: So, this is the page that caused the hiatus of the last several months.   I have effectively redrawn it from scratch, and made some dialogue and pacing modifications in the process, but this is essentially what I intended to draw back in March.

The original plan was to return to full color with this strip, but that may have been what broke my brain.  After the Broken Dolls storyline, the switch back may have simply been too abrupt (color is a lot of work, and though I love doing it, it doesn’t flow as naturally for me in illustration as in painting).

When I started up again, I drew this as you see it here, but experimented with altering it to use a monochrome or two-tone scheme, but I never could settle on one that I liked (all the variations I tried caused some sort of issue).  The next page will return to at least minimal color usage assuming no major snags.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Narration: Meanwhile, Shadow has gone back to the place where she was attacked and has found her missing purse...
Shadow (short of breath): Oh ... thank ... goodness.
Shadow: Looks like ... nothing's ... missing.

Panel 2
Shadow: Hm, I should head back.
SFX (rain): Plip

Panel 3
SFX (Shadow's footsteps): Splish Splish

Panel 4
No text

Panel 5
SFX: Rustle rustle
Shadow: Hello? Who's there?
SFX (rain): Drip drop drip drop drip
Shadow: Grr
SFX (Shadow's footsteps): Stomp stomp stomp!

Panel 6
Shadow (annoyed): Alright, Dammit. That's it! I. have. HAD. it. I'm cold and I'm wet and I KNOW you're hiding in there! Show yourself!
SFX: Dripdripdropdrip

Panel 7
Shadow: Fine.

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